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Shameless Promotion :: Fandom High.

Not an icon or mix update (I have 300+ icons sitting in a folder, finished, right now; I've just been supremely busy and lazy about uploading and posting, but that'll come soon, I promise!), but I do have an announcement of shameless promotion!

[[ banner by the super-fab mpoetess ]]

Applications for fandomhigh are now open until December 21st!
Click here for lots of information!
There's also fh_launchpad if you want to test it out a bit before applying.

fandomhigh is an obsession my life a multi-fandom LJ-based role-playing game going on strong after many, many years. The setting is a Verah Special Island, with a boarding school, and plenty of insanity. The characters are great, the players are awesome, and you know you want to come join us! It's a very active game, and incredibly addicting. It's also what got me into icon making in general and what inspired a lot of the icons I made (mmm, PBs!). Please check it out!

ETA: Currently, our servers for a lot of the technical stuff is down, so if you DO check it out, please keep in mind that it might not go through. You can always email stuff to my personal email, though, on my userinfo and I'll make sure it gets to the right place.
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